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Wire & Wood Ltd.

Wire and Wood Ltd is a family run business specialising in supplying all your agricultural fencing needs. This has grown from having 30 years experience in the fencing world, erecting fences all across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.


In 2021, we designed and started producing a new stock net - HT8/97/22. The wire is slightly taller, negating the need for two strands of barbed wire. This enables the fence to be erected in a more efficient manor. The gap between the lower strands is slightly wider than normal netting, enabling wildlife to move through fences much easier. the net is great for fencing enclosures for rewilding and stewardship schemes.Alongside our own wire, we also supply a range of different netting from Estate Wire. 


Our metal gates all come from bateman. We have a range of sizes started from 2 foot metal gates all the way up to 16 foot metal gates. Bateman have a wide range of livestock equipment which we do not keep in stock but can be ordered in. 


All our timber is supplied by Bond timber, The timber has a 30 year service-life. Bond timber is the only timber in the country that offers a 30 year service-life. We offer a massive range of timber, fence posts, strainers and struts.

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